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                                                                                      page last revised:    Thursday, October 20, 2011

    Buckeye Firearms Association - defending our firearms rights

    Civilian Marksmanship Program - older military surplus rifles to qualified persons & organizations

    IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association shooting sports

    IPSC - International Practical Shooting Confederation - shooting sport featuring accuracy, power and speed

National Rifle Association

National Shooting Sports Foundation

    Ohio's Concealed Carry Law - booklet distributed by Ohio Attorney General's Office

    Ohioans for Concealed Carry

    Project Childsave - firearms safety around the home

    SASS - Single Action Shooting Society for cowboy action shooting

    Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

    USA Shooting - USA Olympic shooting team (yes we do have one)


Vendors & suppliers:

    Adco Firearms - suppliers for AR-15 and etc.

    Buckeye Outdoors & Vance's - two stores for shooting and outdoor supplies

    Cabela's - supplier of reloading components, camping and hunting accessories

    Bravo Company - gear for AR-15s (magazines)

    Dillon Precision  reloading equipment used by top competitors

    GunVault  Safe Company - makers of small single gun safes for child safety and quick access

    Fulton Armory  -  parts and gunsmithing for M1, M1a, M14, AR15 & etc

    Heritage Safe Company - safes for security, safety for kids and fire protection

    Magpul Indristries - makers of magazines & etc.

    Mastercast Bullet Company - producer of inexpensive cast bullets for reloading in  Enon Valley PA

    Meister - manufacturer of  cast bullets

    Midway USA - supplier of reloading components and accessories

    Natchez Shooters Supply - supplier of reloading components and accessories

    Novak gunsmithing - Parkersburg W.Va.  nationally known gunsmith

    Ohio Valley Trading - guns stores in Athens, Nelsonville, Rockbridge and Lancaster Ohio

    Precision Delta - cheap jacketed bullets for handloaders and ammo

    Sportsman Guide - supplier of  hunting accessories

    Talon Arms - tactical supplier


Personal & Miscellaneous Web Pages

      Alco Targets - makers of all kinds of paper targets for competition and plinking

     AR-15 the ammo oracle - allot of data about the AR15 cartridge web site - site for the "black stick"

     A guide to identify manufacturers by cartridge headstamps  
     M.D. Smith  reloading page - allot of empirical data for handloaders

     primer cross reference chart for handloaders

     Target Barn - distributer of many styles of targets located in Northern Ohio

     Starline Brass company - manufacturers of new brass for handloaders

     Virginia Tech - tragic shooting of  April 16, 2007 - a remembrance for those unarmed